Select Tech Projects


kudOS is a multi-threaded, multi-core operating system built in C++. It has support for memory management (allocation and deallocation); forking and exiting threads and processes; blocking; prefetching and buffer cache eviction; creating, reading from, and writing to files on disk; and file system journaling. I also implemented many system calls like fork, clone, execv, exit, waitpid, open, close, read, write, pipe, dup2, and lseek.

Re-Architecting Slack's Workspace Preferences

As a Summer 2018 software engineering intern at Slack, I re-architected a key data model for better scalability and robustness. I changed workspace preferences (e.g. permissions for adding custom emoji) from a per-workspace JSON blob to an Entity/Attribute/Value model. You can read more on the Slack Engineering Blog.


BurgunDB is a main-memory optimized, column-store database management system built in C. It features batched queries, multithreaded scans for three types of queries, clustered and unclustered B-tree indexes, and hash joins. It is named after my favorite color.

Find That Song

I regularly get indie songs stuck in my head, and when I search for the lyrics on Google, I only find more popular songs. To solve this problem, I created a web app that will let you search for lyrics in a given Spotify playlist. The project involves web scraping, caching, and fuzzy matching using regex. It utilizes the Flask framework and Spotify API. Find the code here.


In the summer of 2014, I built QuiziCal, a web app that helps high school teachers coordinate on dates for tests and quizzes. Check out the QuiziCal website for more information.

Twitter Bots

At CodeDay Boston 2014, I created two Twitter bots, programs that tweet on their own. Both implement a Markov chain text generator algorithm. The PoliticianBot uses historical speeches to generate political statements. The AustenBot uses Emma and Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen to generate things Jane Austen would say. These bots won the Most Organized Code award at CodeDay Boston.

I also made the Startup Ideas Twitter bot. Often times, startups describe themselves in terms of another startup in a new context. This bot pokes fun at that idea by continuously scraping a website of top startups and mixing that with a scraped list of words.