Tech Projects


While Duolingo teaches languages, NuoLingo teaches something that's also important but often overlooked: social customs. Whether you're an immgirant adapting to a new culture or a businessperson working internationally, NuoLingo is the best service for learning foreign etiquette. I built an SMS service that allows users to view and be quizzed on information through texting, which increases the accessibility for those who are unable to access the Internet easily. This utilized the Sinatra framework, Twilio API, and Heroku web hosting. This project won the Airbnb prize for Scaling Human Connection at PennApps XII.

Music Intros

Music Intros is a website that lets people quickly get information about new artists, displaying photos, biographies, and a YouTube playlist of their top songs. This project gave me experience working with Sinatra and the YouTube, Spotify, and EchoNest APIs.

Dear Colleagues

The Dear Colleagues project aims to make communication between members of Congress more efficient. Congresspeople often request their colleagues to cosign letters to outside agencies that would provide more information for bills. When they send out these requests, the letters are often unchecked, and if another member of Congress would like to propose edits to the letter, the original Congressperson would have to revise and send out another email to everyone. This confusing and roundabout process can be fixed with one website that allows members of Congress to collaborate on letters, cosign online, and keep records of these letters. This project won first place in the "Improving the Lawmaking Process" at Hack4Congress in 2015.

Project Seed

I was part of the Project Seed team at Hack the North 2014. Project Seed is an off grid web server that lets people within range connect to our broadcasted wifi network. Then, they can access pre-downloaded resources like Wikipedia and Khan Academy. I built Seed Chat, a PHP application providing a public forum and group chat features for users. Project Seed reached spot #8 on the front page of Hacker News!


In the summer of 2014, I built QuiziCal, a web app that helps high school teachers coordinate on dates for tests and quizzes. Check out the QuiziCal website for more information.


Winner of the Best Application Award at CodeDay Boston Fall 2014, NovelLit is a web app that allows users to share what they're reading, no matter what kind of media it is. Books, blog posts, news articles, and poems are all allowed! This was a fun web app to make and helped me learn how to add in features like Gravatar images.


In December 2013, my brother and I created hublr, a Chrome extension that adds content discovery features to GitHub, like project descriptions on users' newsfeeds and infinite scrolling.

Twitter Bots

At CodeDay Boston 2014, I created two Twitter bots, programs that tweet on their own. Both implent a Markov chain text generator algorithm. The PoliticianBot uses historical speeches to generate political statements. The AustenBot uses Emma and Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen to generate things Jane Austen would say. These bots won the Most Organized Code award at CodeDay Boston.

Recently, I made the Startup Ideas Twitter bot. Often times, startups describe themselves in terms of another startup in a new context. This bot pokes fun at that idea by continuously scraping a website of top startups and mixing that with a scraped list of words.

GPA Calculator

I made a GPA Calculator for my school's guidance department. This lets students calculate their GPAs, which can make choosing courses easier when considering their final GPAs.